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Once you, the customer have signed up and your project has been entered in on our website as a request for quote (RFQ), a engineer will review the RFQ and its documentation to match our suppliers with your project needs. As a courtesy will also quickly scan for missing quotable data before sending your RFQ  out for quote. ToolingQuotes will not modify data but having this extra eye reviewing drawings for missing dimensions helps reduce the likelihood of wasted time for both the supplier and buyer. Once our suppliers have submitted their quoted RFQ back to us, will provide you with the top two or three quotes to choose from.  Once the project is awarded from you, and the quote conditions have been met, will provide an engineer to act as liaison and may assist if requested throughout the manufacturing process for both the customer and supplier. We also provide to our customers and suppliers website tools such as a dashboard for better communication, and project tracking between all three parties. (customer, supplier and

Benefits to our customers:

  • Save money without sacrificing time or quality. With competition comes cost reduction typically our customers save about 5% to 16% on their projects.
  • Reduce wasted time as your engineering and procurement professionals in search of tooling or piece parts are typically required to get a minimum of three quotes, this means you have to keep documentation up to date, send and resend to each provider during revision changes.Tooling quotes does this by reducing the need to send documents to multiple parties.
  • Greater access to suppliers of tooling and piece parts.
  • Additional Project management support. Its almost like having extra on your staff for your project.
  • Our service is no cost to you.
  • Free website tools to assist in project tracking and communication.
  • limits its supplier base to ensure quality to the customer.

Benefits to our suppliers:

  • Providing opportunity for your business to grow.
  • No upfront out-of-pocket expense, as ToolingQuotes does NOT charge you unless you are awarded a job.
  • limits it’s supplier base to ensure the quote to awarded job ratio with it’s suppliers is at a workable level.
  • Provides you with the option to utilize a sales engineer to assist working the customer.
  • Free website tools to assist in project tracking and communication.